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Current Game: Blackjack Single Deck

Blackjack – SingleD

Blackjack – SingleD stands for single deck blackjack. Unlike other blackjack games available, only one deck is in use when it comes to the dealing of the cards. One deck used to be the standard for blackjack, but the game evolved to use multiple decks. This move to multiple decks changed the payout structure of the game, and also made the game a little tougher to ‘beat.’
In Blackjack – SingleD, you get to appreciate a simple and straightforward game of blackjack. Blackjack itself pays 6:5, insurance pays 2:1 and every winning hand pays 1:1. No complicated payout structure, no weird rules, just good ‘ole fashioned online blackjack. Give it a try now, it’s easy.
Blackjack – SingleD isn’t difficult at all. Firstly, select your chip size. Place down your chips as you would any other casino game, with the option of playing up to 3 hands per deal. Once you’ve decided on your bet amounts, hit the deal button, and 2 cards are dealt to every hand you’ve bet on plus the dealer. Then you’ll have some decisions to make.
If the dealer has an ace showing, you’ll get the option to choose whether or not you want insurance. If you take insurance and the dealer has 21, you get paid 2:1 on your insurance bet and the round ends. If the dealer doesn’t have 21, or an ace isn’t showing, the round continues as normal. You’ll be given the option to hit or stick, closest to 21 vs. the dealer wins. Going over 21 is bust, and you lose. Get blackjack, you win 6:5.
Blackjack – SingleD is available in both real and play money modes. You can bet up to 3 hands per deal, and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it no matter how many hands you play or how much is at stake. Play now by opening your NordicBet account, and start winning on this entertaining and beautiful looking blackjack game!