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Current Game: Casino Hold'em Poker

Casino Hold'em Poker

Casino Hold’em Poker is a poker variant that can be likened to Texas Hold’em, except it’s you versus the dealer, and there’s no raising the stakes. Think of it like if poker and blackjack had a baby, and you get something similar to the playstyle of Casino Holdem Poker. If you’re a fan of poker, or just love playing against the dealer, this game is bound to provide you with some intense entertainment.
This online poker game is straightforward to play. For that reason, it’s easy to pick up and start winning within a few minutes of playing. With a sleek design, clear interface and warm dealer voice for updates on the game, this game has a great, easy casino feel to it that you’re going to love. NordicBet also offers real online poker for those who want to test their poker skills.
Playing Casino Hold'em Poker is easy. You place your ante bet, which is your initial stake for dealing the cards. You can also place an AA bonus bet, which pays greatly if you make aces or higher after the first 3 community cards. You and the dealer will get 2 hole cards, and the dealer will deal 3 community cards. You’re then given the option to either call or fold, which you’ll decide based on how well your hand is doing.
A call will double your ante bet (if your ante is $10, and you call, your total risk is $30), and the dealer will deal 2 more community card. Fold means you forfeit your hand and lose your ante bet. Whoever has the best poker hand after the 5 cards have been dealt is the winner. If you win, you get double your total risk returned, provided the dealer’s hand qualifies. For the dealer to qualify, they need 4s or higher.
With a clear, inviting dealer voice, a clear interface and a hover menu that tells you the entire payout table in one simple place, Casino Hold’em Poker is for anyone and everyone. Open your NordicBet account and come play today, there’s nothing not to love about it. Start winning big right now!