• Rules for Poker

    1. Disconnection Policy
    2. Available Betting Structures - Definitions

    Disconnection Policy

    • What happens if I'm disconnected while playing?

    If you get disconnected during play the software will attempt to reconnect you automatically and return you back to your seat. Since you sometimes may have connection problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) we recommend our players to have an alternative ISP in case of a connection problem.

    If you do not act when it is your turn while still in the pot you will be marked away thus check if possible and fold to any bet.

    In the unfortunate event in which you cannot act due to a disconnection you might get treated as “Artificial all-in”, which means that you will be marked as all-in as if you have run out of chips when you placed your last bet/called and thus only be eligible for the pot up to the point when you last invested money. Please note that “Artificial all-ins” only can occur in Fixed Limit ring games and not in any other betting types (Pot Limit, No Limit etc) or in tournaments.

    • What should I do if I lose my connection in the middle of a tournament?

    Try to log back on again as soon as possible. You will still be seated at your table and will be check/folded until you return. The game runs on autopilot until you logon again. Artificial all-ins do not occur in tournaments.

    • My tournament table froze but I can't sit back into the game?

    It is not uncommon when you are timed out and your session expired. The important thing is to rejoin the tournament quickly. Quickly close the game window (table) and restart the lobby (game client). You can then rejoin the tournament while our system checks/folds your hands for you. You do not lose anything except the blinds when it's your turn to post them.

    • Why does the game keep saying "The server does not respond" when I try to log in from my office?

    You are probably sitting behind a so-called "firewall". It's a safety measure that protects your network from unauthorized access. Among other things, it limits the communication with the outside world to a few standard channels -- and the NordicBet poker client-server solution may not be on the approved list.

    Please try configuring the firewall to accept traffic on port 2100 for Texas Hold'em and contact NordicBet Customer Support if you need more information.

    Available Betting Structures - Definitions

    • What does Limit mean?

    In structured limit games, all bets/raises are a set amount. The only valid bet/raise is the current limit, for example $5 on the first two rounds and $10 in the last two rounds in a $5-$10 Hold'em game. There may be a maximum of 4 bet/raises in a round of betting. This includes a bet, raise, re-raise and a cap.

    • What does No-Limit mean?

    In no-limit, a valid bet/raise must be at least the current limit and the last bet/raise. No higher limit is available, other than the amount of chips that the player has at the table. No maximum number of raises exists.

    • What does Pot-Limit mean?

    In pot-limit, the valid bet/raise must be at least the current limit and the last bet/raise. A pot-limit bet/raise may be maximum the value of the pot, plus all bets at the table including the current players call. No maximum number of raises exists.