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Current Game: Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud Poker is somewhat similar to the way that Casino Hold’em Poker is played. However, instead of being dealt hole cards and community cards, online casino stud poker takes place entirely in your hand. While boasting the same, if not more, intense gameplay or player versus dealer as online casino hold’em, stud adds a new dynamic to trying to ‘figure out’ what the dealer is holding.
With yet another sleek, clear and interactive design, Casino Stud Poker is a fun and aesthetically pleasing game, with a great deal of potentials to win big. The dealer’s soft and articulate voice gives an elegant and sophisticated feel to the game. It’s almost as though you’re there at the casino yourself. So, come play!
Playing Casino Stud Poker isn’t really anything like playing actual stud poker, which may be a relief to some of the potential players out there. To explain simply, you put down an ante bet. This bet is to be dealt your hand. Once dealt, you’ll have the option to either call or fold.
If you fold, you lose. However, if you call, you bet exactly double your ante bet. This makes the total risk 3x your ante bet. You and the dealer then reveal your cards. If you have a better made hand, going by standard poker hand rankings, you win. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify, which means he has less than AK, you get 4x your ante back. If his hand does qualify, you get 6x back.
Casino Stud Poker is a very welcoming game, no matter what your experience level. You can choose to stake either real or play money, which means you can quickly and easily get a grip on the game without having to risk a penny. So go open your NordicBet account today and start winning!