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Current Game: Joker Poker MH

Joker Poker MH

Joker Poker MH is an online video poker game, very similar to that of Jacks or Better. However, Joker Poker has one very key rule change that makes the game all the more interesting. While it’s played exactly like many other video poker games, the joker is introduced to the deck as well.
Unlike most games, where the Joker is discarded from the deck and looked down upon, Joker Poker makes this card a real treat to see in your hand. So sign up to NordicBet now and try your luck. You never know, maybe you’ll get dealt the jokers!
Playing Joker Poker MH is no different to playing most standard video poker games. Choose how many hands you want to play, select your stake per hand and push the ‘deal’ button. You’ll be dealt 5 cards, with the option to hold any of the cards you want in preparation for your made hand after the second deal. Any cards held will be held in every hand you’re playing.
Once you’ve decided on what cards to hold, if any, you hit the ‘deal’ button for the second time. Whatever poker hands you make after the second deal is what you’ll be paid out on. If you get a Joker in any of your hands, it counts as a wild card and will serve as a card that’ll make the best hand possible in its current combination.
As if the Joker wild card wasn’t a big enough benefit, NordicBet also offers you the opportunity to play for free and real money. If you want to give the game a try without risking your bankroll or try your luck on any of our amazing casino games. Go ahead and sign up today!