• Achievements

    Achievement badges

    Show off your triumph at the poker tables with NordicBet Poker by Microgaming’s Achievements. Earn different Badges by completing challenges while playing your favorite games.

    Once you complete all challenges required for an achievement, you will receive a badge that you can choose to display on the table next to your avatar. The more badges you earn, the more you can show opponents your skills and enhance your status at the tables.

    The Achievements system is mainly aimed at making you a better poker player while trying new and existing poker features, explore new types of games and learn more about the game itself.

    Each achievement comprises of a set of tasks and range in difficulty from the simpler tasks, like winning a cash game pot, to tougher tasks like being dealt all possible starting hands in Texas Hold’em. You can find all the information about the different achievements and their related tasks in the poker client.

    Achievements add a new social gaming experience to poker via Twitter

    You can compete against your friends and tweet about your new achievements. A Twitter link is available on the client slide-down message and on the Achievements page in the poker client. Stay in competition amongst your friends!

    Achievements page in the poker client

    The Achievements page provides a simple, yet informative interface for you to keep up-to-date with your achievements. In the default view, all achievements are visible and you can easily see:

    • Achievements you have earned. This is displayed in bright full color, with a Completed tick.
    • Achievements you have not yet started. This is displayed as greyed out.
    • The in-progress achievements. This is displayed in almost full color.
    • Points earned towards in-progress achievements.
    • Points required for incomplete achievements.
    • A progress bar for in progress achievements.

    All achievements have been shaded by different colour difficulty so you can identify each one more easily. The colours are as follows:

    • Blue = Easy
    • Orange = Intermediate
    • Red = Hard
    • Green = Play money (not graded according to difficulty)

    For the full list of badges and more information, visit the poker client and start master all of the achievements today!